Tokyo | Content Team – YouTube Video Producer

Chris Kirkland

We currently have close to a 1 million readers every month and we’re growing like a noxious weed! We also have an up and coming video channel with 25K subscribers and 100,000view per month, and we publish videos every week or two.

Job overview

Type: Part-time, freelance
Location: Tokyo
Hours: Flexible – You decide when you work, due dates must be met though
Remuneration: Dependent on experience


  • Develop topics we have planned and/or come up with your own video ideas for our video channel
  • Film, edit, and produce videos for our YouTube channel
  • (Optional) Video Narration
  • Periodic (monthly/quarterly) meetings/conference calls with the content team to plan future video topics


  • Camera work and video production
  • Video editing and post production, suitable for YouTube
  • Have already created your own existing YouTube channel and published videos (subscriber count not a factor)
  • Happy being in front of the camera!


There are opportunities throughout the year for sponsored trips and activities around Tokyo and Japan. In the past year, our writers were sent on tourism trips—where travel, accommodation and food costs were all covered—to places like Okinawa, Yamaguchi and Hiroshima. On these trips, writers have enjoyed activities like local food and culture tours, hiking, brewery tours, cave explorations, kayaking and more!

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