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Tips From Ten Years Of Running a Remote Team

Wednesday March 25th, 2020

At Fast Train, we have over 30 people working from home for us on a regular basis, split across three continents and numerous time zones - we are a “remote first” company. Since the current coronavir [...] Read more

Tokyo Cheapo & Japan Cheapo Spring Survey

In this report, using the data from our Spring 2017 survey along with historical website data, we examine some recent trends among English-speaking tourists visiting Japan. Overall there were 994 re [...] Read more

Fast Train Limited CEO in Fortune Magazine

Sunday August 5th, 2018

Our CEO Chris Kirkland was interviewed, alongside JNTO president Satoshi Seino in Fortune Magazine (August Fortune 500 edition) for a feature on Japan and Globalism. The article talks about how [...] Read more

How to Track your Inbound Tourism Campaign 101

Tuesday February 20th, 2018

The following guide is designed as a resource for our customers in the inbound tourism market in Japan, but most of the principles are universal and can be applied to any online advertising. Set [...] Read more

Uncovering Japan’s Countryside And Nature

Wednesday August 30th, 2017

日本語版:日本の田舎町と自然の風景を求めて "Nature" is consistently a hot topic among our readership—with on average 70% of our reader survey respondents indicating "Nature" as a key interest in Japan. Ironically, [...] Read more

Overcoming Tokyo’s Peak Tourism Problem

Wednesday July 12th, 2017

日本語版:到来する東京の観光ピークの乗り越え方 If you haven't visited Asakusa in the last few years, you'll probably be surprised how things have changed. At least if you are western in appearance, you'll be greeted by [...] Read more